Accelerating Entrepreneurs
from launch to exit

2B's platform approach offers a one-of-a-kind launch to exit strategy that has resulted in more than $2B in transactions and transformations.

Partnering with founders to build strong and competitive businesses

Our unique, people-centric approach to building value has resulted in over $2B in transactions and transformations.

2B boasts over 50 years of combined experience from advisors and investors with solid reputation, experience, and results in three key verticals:


The healthcare industry, representing ingredient suppliers, ingredient manufacturers, and retail brands.

Software & SaaS

The Software & SaaS industry, representing targeted and enterprise solutions, software, and service providers.

Professional Services

The Professional Services industry, representing general and specialty staffing, IP-centric consulting.


Building a path to happiness, wealth, and legacy for entrepreneurs.

We believe in building people and businesses in a mindful manner that serves their customers with integrity, drives extraordinary enterprise value, and charts a path for serial entrepreneurs toward their next venture.



People-centric mindset



Boundless curiosity

Key Strategic Elements


Building and reinforcing strong culture, vision, and values create a foundation for intensive growth. Our portfolio companies build sustainable value based on 2B's commitment to a culture-first strategy.

People-centric Strategies

Developing people and management teams is our passion. Our growth and enterprise value-building strategies are people-centric and sustainable.


Building a scalable, sustainable, competitive business model requires dynamic leadership. Our advisors and coaches reinforce and nurture strong leaders and drive results within our portfolio companies.


Gone are the days when great companies had to sacrifice people for results. Our people-centric approach and proprietary tOPS™ operating system balances innovation and results-oriented workflow to keep our portfolio companies ahead of the pack.


in transactions and transformations


years of experience


deeply entrenched in 3 critical sectors

tOPS™ is a proprietary, world class operating system designed to drive value in entrepreneurial ventures. 2B portfolio reach higher enterprise value and weather headwinds with confidence as a result of the tOPS operating system capabilities.

From launch to scale, tOPS™ provides workflow, process, and strategy to support a growing business.

About Us

Founded by and for entrepreneurs, 2B Associates disrupts the usual broker/investment model by bringing together subject matter experts, access to capital, optimization of operations, and exit. 2B has rich expertise across three critical industry sectors:

Founders partnering with 2B have generated higher enterprise value and transacted more than $1B in founder transactions and $2B in organization transformation/optimization.


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